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Comen Overview

Commodities and Metal Exchange Nepal  has many firsts to its credit - the first structured new generation exchange befitting an ever-evolving nascent market place established since 2006, to provide world class on-line service based on Futures Trading of permitted commodities with  efficient Clearing and guaranteed settlement to ensure continual improvement of customer services and remain quality leader amongst all commodity exchanges .

The team is managed by entrepreneurs committed towards revolutionizing the commodity derivative market in Nepal by working closely with the government officials on set regulations . The goal is to ultimately empower the participants through education, technology and innovative product offering with a mission to:

  • provide a robust, reliable and transparent electronic commodities trading platform with an innovative matching application based software with multiple value added features designed to benefit the market participants with faster trade execution, real time prices, and up to date information
  • improve efficiency of trading through Comen Trader Version 10.0.1
  • promote awareness about on-line features trading services of COMEN.
  • leverage operations by providing updated infrastructure and latest technology.
  • facilitate jobbing through a transparent platform &
  • simplify clearing mechanism.

Value Proposition

Comen recently launched the COMEN-TRADER Version 10.0.1 , an application through which members and clients access their trading platform, providing a market picture to the clients’ of their bids and in depth analysis of the market. The bids are matched according to time/price preference and executed instantly on real-time prices.

The platform is designed to provide high availability for all critical components which guarantees continuous availability of trading facilities. The technology infrastructure that the Exchange has, along with its with rapid customization and deployment capabilities enables it to operate efficiently with fast order routing, immediate trade execution, trade reporting, real-time risk management, market surveillance and market data dissemination with sophistication and automated Risk Management System that reduces human intervention to minimum and creates alerts based on pre-defined parameters for risk management. This provides comfort to the market participants at all times regarding the financial integrity and transparency of the marketplace.


key functions in a Exchange and Trading organization

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Awareness program for investors, broker and Traders

COMEN arranges the awareness programs for investors, brokers and Traders time to time, so anybody willing to attend such programs can contact in customer care department and can also register online through registration form submission link.[ Read more ]


We provide 24 X 7 full support to our valid customers

In COMEN Customer care is a proactive attitude that can be summed up as 'we care and we can do'. By showing that we care, we try to give our customer the opportunity to open up to begin a trusting relationship Yes you can trust us ...[ Read more ]